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Hopefully you've taken a good look at my gallery to get a good idea of what you want to get!

Looking to commission some art?

Well you've come to the right place!


Now that you've decided, time to overlook the rules, connections, payment and t.O.S!

The Rules!

1. Don't be a commissioner from hell

When it comes to being a "Commissioner from Hell" this is a way to make the artist look like a really crummy person when in actuality they're great, and you just need to act up. To prevent this, you can do your part to speak up in order to make changes in the sketch period, before its dead set final.  


Understand that Art is also a business, and that your favorite artist needs to make money in order to pay their bills and get more supplies to work for you. Artists are people too. So don't go asking for freebies from your favorite artist and then have a meltdown over the fact that they said no. It really makes you look like the fool in the end.

3. If you're just here to be a furry hater, then you've come to the wrong neighborhood my friend.

I know there's a lot of negative energy between the hater and the one whose getting hated on. Understand that the hater is the one whose wrong in this situation, as the person is just an innocent being caught in a mess they didn't cause. So if you're here to threaten death upon people, leave that to your fellow destructive tantrum toddler friends on whatever multiplayer shooter game, not for the people of a fan base interest that you have zero information on.

1. I won’t sell to children/young teenagers

15 and under, those too young to hold bank/money 

unless they have their parents permission.

meaning I'll need your parent, or pass on your parents email for their approval. I'm sorry if its gonna reveal that you're a furry

2. You must be financially prepared

3. Commissions timing: 1 day - 2 week(s) 

unless it's convention time.

4. REFUNDS & an apology letter will be given if nothing is done with in a month of time.

30 days

Terms of Service


~Cheap stuff~

furSona Button: $5 USD
Buy 3 for $9.50 usd, and you'll receive it

on a special card plate

Line/Inked Sketch: $10 USD


Head Badge: $45 USD

Fullbody Badge: $55 USD

Seperate dangle tail

(to go with fullbody): $2 USD

[shipping will vary]

[on all sections]


~Color Pencil~

Head Badge: $65 USD

Fullbody Badge: $70 USD

Seperate dangle tail

(to go with fullbody): $3 USD

[shipping will vary]

[on all sections]

BIG fancy badge: $75 USD

Zugaikotsu Ref2020.png

~~Digital Only~~

Full Price

(Subject to change

based on complexity): $95 USD


Head Badge: $20 USD

Fullbody Badge: $30 USD

Seperate dangle tail

(to go with fullbody): $1 USD

Scene drawing: $50 USD

flatcolor icon: $15 USD

~Canvas Paintings~


(Subject to change

based on complexity): $95 USD


(Subject to change

based on complexity): $150 USD

[shipping will vary]

[on all sections]

Now that you've got this far...

Are you ready to commission? If so...

NOTICE DUE TO COVID-19 CA, SHUTDOWN. The state of California, Santa Clara County, location where The Royal Rebellion resides, is under the ORANGE Tier. The Royal Rebellion is fully  Vaccinated! 

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Here's some instructions when submitting.

As you're sending. be sure to UPLOAD a clear and decent form of reference, whether it be a ref sheet, or multiple pictures of the character. so I can easily construct the character you wish! Thank you! If there are any changes, do mention it in your message!

NSFW CONTENT is an additional $20 usd, for 2 characters additional %50 charge. WITH PROOF THAT YOU'RE 18+

Are you here during

convention time?
WELL I GOT a surprise

for you!

10% off total purchase + 50%off

coupon after purchase 
Mail out orders receive coupon + extra goodies!

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