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Let us begin Here

Let us begin Here

Let us begin Here

As you know, The Royal Rebellion has MANY fursonas. thanks to game titles and years of roleplay and other various places of inspiration.

The Royal Rebellious Beast

TRRB Ref 2020 UPD2.png

This Character is a ferocious one, personalizing as an aggressive bloodthirsty creature. With its greatness, it could pluck apart the great Godzilla. Killing is their game.

Rei Komyoji

ReiKomyoji Ref2020.png

This Character has a sense of calmness despite his sorrowful past life. However his is alive once more and living long and strong. happily residing as a leader of a pack, and blessed by the gods to become a living creature.


Zugaikotsu Ref2020.png

This Character although stern and with the heart of a leader, he is quite the gentle giant. Caring of others, but as well self conscious. He had a rough upbringing, with his parents tossing him out shortly after he hatched, only cause he looked small and very sickly. Now he is large, towering higher than the bewilderbeast.